Dream Theater News !! Score !!

Dream Theater’s latest live CD and DVD “SCORE” is currently scheduled for release on Aug 29th 2006 on Rhino Records. (date may vary slightly in different countries)

The 3-CD and 2-DVD sets will be available seperately.

Both versions will contain the entire “20th Anniversary World Tour” grand finale recorded live at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on April 1st 2006. (nearly 3 hours of music – over 90 minutes of which was performed with a full orchestra)

The DVD will also contain a 1 hour Documentary tracking the entire career of the band from the very beginnings at the Berklee College Of Music in 1985 all the way to the Radio City Music Hall grand finale. Including rare never before seen footage and interviews with current and previous members of the band.

Also included on the DVD are several live Bonus Tracks from through the years taken from the Portnoy Archives.

夢劇場將於 8月29日發行最新的CD & DVD 內容收入2006夢劇場世界巡迴演唱會 最後一場於New York Radio City的表演




By the way .

上次團購的 Dream Theater Offical Bootleg – The dark side of the moon 也已經到貨.一起衝吧!!

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