Systematic Chaos Artwork Revealed

DREAM THEATER – Systematic Chaos Artwork Revealed

The artwork for DREAM THEATER’s upcoming album…

Systematic Chaos, has been revealed !!!!

Systematic Chaos is scheduled for release sometimes in June via Roadrunner Records.
The album was produced by guitarist John Petrucci and drummer Mike Portnoy and was engineered and mixed by Paul Northfield. Systematic Chaos tracklisting is as follows:

‘In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 1’ (9:00)
‘Forsaken’ (5:36)
‘Constant Motion’ (6:55)
‘The Dark Eternal Night’ (8:51)
‘Repentance’ (10:43)
‘Prophets Of War’ (6:01)
‘The Ministry Of Lost Souls’ (14:57)
‘In The Presence Of Enemies Pt. 2’ (16:38)



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